• Nimage001-1ovember 14, 2013 FREE special conference on rising water issues and natural systems:  The Great Marsh Symposium at the Crane Estate, Ipswich, MA, Great House at the Trustees of Reservations, Ipswich, MA, hosted by The Great Marsh Coalition. Essex National Heritage is a member. There’s a tour from the great roof after! FREE
  • image002-1Wednesday, November 20, 2013, Smart Growth Alliance Conference at the ABX convention center, Boston. Celebrating Smart Growth projects across the Commonwealth and ten years of Smart Growth. I’m going as a participant. I’ll also be speaking about arts/culture updates in Gloucesterfor one of the panels. Gloucester’s successes via its Community Development department and the HarborWalk public spaces inspired this invitation.
  • image003-2Tuesday, December 3, 2013, Montserrat Gallery,Beverly: The Creative Economy of the North Shore (CEANS) is hosting a networking reception. Feature of the night: arts and culture curator, and non profit advisor, Ricardo Barreto, will speak about the NEA public art process that led to 75 nationally known artists submitting public art ideas. We’ll meet the artist awarded the project, too, Anna Schuleit Haber. FREE
  • image004 You may have missed Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce’s hosting for MOTT’s Director Betsy Wall. A big focus of this reception described the excellent platform of their website. Please add in your businesses and orgs ASAP—the North Shore and Gloucester can do more! If you have questions feel free to email me! Immediate exciting impact: MOTT has asked multi talentedGloucester resident and artist Kim Smith to be a guest blogger on their fantastic website. Also, her video of the schooner festival will be added to their YouTube channel. The Chamber is also working on a campaign for a Cape Ann license plate. They’re working with legislature to see if the restrictive parameters for logo design can revert to offering the entire background as part of a winning design (as we see with Cape Cod or the MA Environmental Trust’s Right Whale).
  • Nice press for downtown. image Harbortown Cultural District is featured in the November 2013 issue of their publication Horizons as part of a submission for one of its regularly published  “ten” lists. You can find the article here They introduce the ten districts as “the creative heart of many communities. Here are some in the region worth visiting.” The other districts on the list cover 7 states: New Haven’s Audubon Arts District, Philadelphia’s Avenue of the Arts, Lowell’s Canalway, New York City’s East Fourth Street, Providence’s Downtown, Hartford’s Downtown, Baltimore’s Mount Vernon, Portland’s Arts, and Pittsfield’s Upstreet. The article also credits the Massachusetts Cultural Council’s (MCC) cultural districts program. www.gloucesterharbortown.org. The author selected this district because of the HarborWalk.
  • INCREASE YOUR AUDIENCES    image007 Excellent podcast webinar from the Massachusetts Cultural Council on how to build audiences with ArtsBoston Audience Initiative project. The link also has a copy of the presentation if you don’t have time to listen. When you do find an hour to sit with the audio, there’s a lot of good information (and maybe one dog barking in the background at some point and one swear whoops!) There’s a sliding scale fee to sign up and share audience lists.Gloucester businesses/orgs should do it. Local mention: If you listen to the entire broadcast you’ll hear artist and seARTS Chair Jackie Ganim-Defalco ask a question and mention Cape Ann Artisans! Update: In September, the Massachusetts Cultural Council worked with legislatures to append the state budget, requesting an increase in $500,000 towards marketing. The request was tabled for now. But what’s important is the advocacy, the communication, and the ideas are out there! It is so important to share. Mention and coverage of arts and culture across many elections and in the media has significantly increased and improved.
  • image008US Travel Association. Please text to show your support for this Jolt Act. It affects Gloucester and all MA residents! I can’t believe that Brazil, Romania and Poland have trouble with visas! Text from your phone today 877-877, “travel”, and send to sign up for the Power of Travel coalition if you want to help there.

See Good Morning Gloucester coverage here

  • image009Essex National Heritage outstanding Essex Trails and Sails is not surprisingly already planning for next year. They were thrilled with Gloucester participation and the Block Party overlap, and hope to have even more partners and more promotion for 2014. Update coming soon and please plan for it next year! Their website and social media platforms are excellent opportunities.
  • image011November 1-17, 2013, save time for Cape Ann Community Cinema’s 6th Cape Ann Film Festival